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Year One:
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Years Two & Three:
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WORKPLACE RUBRIC to be used for student self-assessments and teammate assessments

Teamwork & Leadership

Responsibility & Effort


Problem Solving


Works cooperatively with other team members, learning from them and teaching them. Contributes ideas, skills & takes leadership where appropriate. Is supportive when other team members to take on leadership roles.

Meets all deadlines, produces all work, follows up on revisions and takes on extra responsibility for the sake of project quality.

Is able to communicate ideas and to explain or clarify as necessary. Contributes in positive ways to the team communication effort.

Takes a leading role in actively seeking solutions to problems which may mean reaching out to classmates, doing research, or learning new skills.

Actively contributes ideas and creative effort and keeps pushing to improve on project quality.

Takes leadership. Contributes to the team in planning, brainstorming and performing tasks.

Can be depended on to produce work on deadlines and revise work for improvements.

Communicates well with teammates and contributes to team communication efforts.

Seeks solutions to problems and is willing to help the group consider options to problems.

Contributes ideas and creative effort to produce good quality project.

Either takes “charge” without including teammates or is not willing to take leadership on any tasks.

Produces work but may miss some deadlines and/or does not follow through to improve on efforts.

Communicates with teammates but does not clearly explain ideas or contribute to team’s overall communication efforts.

May try to address problems but gives up too soon.

Contributes ideas and some creative effort, but not at a very high level.

Produces some work. Participates minimally with team but does not take leadership or ownership of any tasks.

Produces minimal work and does not meet deadlines.

Communicates a little with teammates but not in a constructive way.

Either gives up in frustration, panic or defeat when the team faces a problem.

Does not work toward the creative effort of the project.

Does not actively participate or contribute to the team.

Does not produce work.

Does not communicate with teammates.

Creates problems for the project.

Does not contribute ideas or creative effort.


How is student creative work assessed and graded? Depending on the class challenge, one category below may be weighted more heavily.

SKILL: Technical skill in using application or equipment (video add: camera, lighting, audio)

AESTHETICS: Artistic principles of design and color (video add: framing shots, editing choices)

COMMUNICATION CHALLENGE: Using artistry and skill to communicate ideas, opinions, stories, attitudes

EFFORT: How much time and focus does student devote to class assignments & challenges?

Student demonstrates expertise and care, solves problems

Work shows excellent application of design and color principles

Student work fulfills the class communication challenge

Student devotes at least 90% of class time to assigned work

Student uses skills competently much of the time

Design and color principles are present in the work

Work shows understanding and attempt to address communication challenge

At least 75% of class time

Uses skills but with many problems/errors; repeated mistakes

Aesthetic principles are not readily apparent in the work

Work does not meet the requirements of the communication challenge

At least 50% of class time

Skill is barely used if at all

Not enough work to discern aesthetic principles

Not enough work to discern communication

Less than 50% of class time

Skill is not used

No work done

No work done

Less than 25% of class time