The Merced Branch Library is conveniently located between a quiet residential home and the the busy Stonestown Galleria. The library is suited to fit the needs of college students who happen be just a few blocks away at SFSU and allows access books to those who enjoy reading or those who would rather not spend money at pricey bookstores.

The Merced Branch Library was originally constructed in 1957 and designed by architects Appleton and Wolfard. It opened later on in 1958 while using a modern 50s look. Built with steel, concrete, and brick, this T-shaped building uses large floor-to-ceiling windows along with two courtyards to take advantage of natural lighting and also to give a sense of “openness” and creates a connection between the indoors and the outdoors. It also features free-standing bookshelves, radiant heating, and vertical venetian blinds. It even includes the classic fireplace for those who would like to “curl up by the fire with a good book.”