Galileo is one of the many high schools located in San Francisco. It is known for focus on the subjects of science and technology. The school has more than 2,000 students. Galileo is also known for having the most computers in San Francisco Unified School District. The history of this school is just as exciting.

The founder of Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, formerly known as Galileo High School, was Joseph P. Nourse. Galileo was built in 1921 as a public secondary school. Joseph P. Nourse was actively engaged in the education of the students at Galileo and became the first principal of the school. On August 1st, 1921, Nourse welcomed students to the remodeled facilities and on March 30, 1924, plans were underway for a new wing, which would double the size and capacity of the school.

During the 1970’s, Galileo went through an extensive retrofit forcing most of the students to move to Fort Mason. Being diagonally across from Galileo, Fort Mason became a convenient place to stay. Due to this fact, rumors spread that Fort Mason would become the permanent location for Galileo students. This was plausible because the land on which Galileo currently stands is quite valuable.

In 1995-96, Galileo changed its name from Galileo High School to Galileo Academy of Science and Technology. But it wasn’t until the next decade that the school got academies and pathways. These included Health Academy, the Academy of Information Technology (AoIT), Biotechnology, Media Arts, Hospitality and Tourism, and Environmental Science.