Polly Ann

Polly Ann Ice Cream is located on Noriega between 38th and 39th Ave. There are many different ice cream flavors there. If you cannot decide what flavor ice cream to get, then there is a wheel like the wheel of fortune and that chooses the ice cream flavor for you.

If you bring your dog, then your dog will get a free scoop of ice cream. Their best ice cream flavor, in my opinion, would most likely be green tea ice cream. They sell hot food too, such as cup noodle, chicken nuggets, hot pockets, hotdog, nachos, and much more.

They also sell their ice cream in small ice cream containers, ice cream popsicles, and frozen yogurt. The frozen yogurt comes in three different flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and mix.

If you are not really craving ice cream, then you can always buy some snacks. They have chips, corn nuts, candy, frozen popsicles, and much more.

There are quotes on the walls Polly Ann and they are quite funny. One of the quotes are "I only eat ice cream on the days that end with 'days'."




3138 Noriega Street
(between 38th Ave & 39th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94122

Other Information

Phone #: (415) 664-2472

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