Lowell High School

Lowell High School is located in 1101 Eucalyptus Drive. The campus consisted of three main story building, 25 bungalows and 1000 seat auditorium Known as the top high school in San Francisco, it is one of the two schools that accept students who meet special admission requirements which include GPA score and extracurricular activities. It is the only school in San Francisco, which allow students to choose their own schedule and teachers.

Lowell is a five-time California Distinguished School and also a blue ribbon school in 1986 and from 1994-1996.It is also ranked top 60 high school on the US News and World Report of Best High School in America with an impressive API score of 948. Lowell student demographics is made up mostly with Chinese dominating over 50%, whites with 15% the other minorities with the remaining 35%.






Contact Info

Lowell High School

1101 Eucalyptus Drive

San Francico, CA 94132

Tel: 759-2730



School Info

API Score: 948

Mascot: Cardinals

Motto: Fiat Scientia (Let there be Knowlege)

Opened: 1856