Lake Merced

Lake Merced is an exquisite, beautiful, lake that is located exclusively in the Sunset District. At Lake Merced, a wide variety of activities can be held, including BBQ's during a summer day, marathons, training, workouts, exercise, running, dragon boat, and other boating activities. Because of it's spacious area, which is in total 4.4 miles, lots of people like running around the lake for exercise. Also through out the lake, there are much other exercising equipment, like pull-up bars and stretching lands.

Through the lake there is also another park, with a very spacious grass field, which is often used for conditioning for various sports.It's beautiful area makes it a great tourist attraction, where people from all over can come and check it out, and see just a touch of sunsets incredible beauty. People don't just have to run around the lake, but it's possible for them to, bike, rollerblade, or just stroll around the lake enjoying its sites.

The lake for my opinion is at it's full beauty during noon, when the sun is at it's highest and you could see everything clearly. So for tourists that are currently reading this, you should go visit the lake when the sunset is at it's highest, but be sure to remember to bring sun block, as you will be sun burned if you don't. The lake also makes a terrific place for dragon boat practice, as you need a wide space of water to be able to actually dragon boat. Be sure to visit this area if you visit sunset, as it's a must!



Located conviently next to the Great High Way, and Sunset Boulevard for easy access.


"Because of it's spacious area, which is a total of 4.4 miles, lots of people running around the lake for exercise."