Window-Shopping and Tour

If you need a place to do some window-shopping, San Bruno Avenue is the perfect place. San Bruno Avenue not only has a varity of stores, the street itself is pretty stright forward. So you would not have to worry about getting lost by twists and turns. An included benefit is to be able to get there easily by public transportation, which is highly recommended.

Starting from Silver Avenue, the start of the main commercial part of San Bruno Avenue, you can already see a lot of the shops. When you start walking you would see Laundromats and even a public library. Continuing your trip, you would see the familiar Walgreen’s and Radio Shack. There are also many cell phone store for those who wants a new phones. *Wink, wink* San Bruno Avenue also offers stores that sell everyday items and others, such as school supplies and cheap clothes. For those that want a new hairdo, while walking around San Bruno Avenue, you will find salons that can give you a whole new look that fits your wallet.

When you are tired and hungry from your window-shopping trip, there are lots of cafés and restaurants for you to rest your tired legs and fill up your empty stomach. Suggested place include Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant, 2546 Café, Ling Ling Cuisines, and Hong Wu.

There you have it. San Bruno Avenue is a fabulous location to have a nice meal with your family, have dates with your friends, or just coming here alone. Come and walk around and I can honestly say, you won’t be disappointed.