San Bruno Avenue,
Located in San Francisco, California, the street runs parallel to highway 101 through the Bayview/Hunter's Point district, and ends just north of Cesar Chavez.

On San Bruno Avenue, known as the commercial center of the Portola, there are businesses (restaurants, bakeries, work places, grocery stores, nail shops, theatres, etc.), recreational facilities for sports, schools, boutiques, the Portola Branch library, and residential housing. Recently, this area has been taken over by a lot of Asian businesses, but a while ago, businesses were run mostly by the Maltese, French and Italian.

When the 1906 earthquake hit San Francisco, not much of San Bruno Avenue was destroyed, but since most of San Francisco was wrecked, the businesses and people in the neighborhood decided to help out other neighborhoods, especially when it came to food. Though San Bruno Avenue wasn't wrecked in the earthquake, time took its toll on the street. Streets were becoming run-down and no one took care of them, until DPW decided to have streetscape improvements. The improvement project fixed the streets and installed trees, helping pedestrians, businesses, and residents, by making it a more desirable place to be.

On the street, there are a lot of independently owned, one-of-a-kind restaurants and stores. For more information about things to do, there are links at the top left of the page for food, fun things to do, and an introduction of the area.