Palega Park

Just four blocks for the fabulous San Bruno Avenue is a nice little park. Located on Somerset Street and Felton Street, Palega Park has a large grass space for you to run like a madman, two tennis courts, and a large basketball court. There is also a childrenís jungle gym, but not expecting you to use it though.

The grass space has two baseball fields for your baseball enjoyment or for your baseball teamís practice grounds. The basketball court for those who needs a court, and the tennis court the tennis players. The courts are really clean and the park is fit for people of all ages, whether you are old and young.

So whether you want to play sports or just take a walk around the park, by yourself or even hangout with friends, the park has it all. I really suggest that doing a daily routine like playing basketball or take run a mile or more everyday to get fit and be healthier. Well those are the activities that I would like to do if I had the time to. You are not limited there are so many activities to do in the park the combinations are endless.

A few other side suggestions would be flying your kite, having a family picnic or waiting for the infamous ice-cream man with his famous cart that has the familiar ringing sound.

There you have it! A clean and beautiful park just four blocks from San Bruno Avenue. I played in the park since I was a little kid, and enjoyed every moment of it. So come to this park with your friends, family, or even by yourself to breathe in a breath of fresh air while you play basketball or baseball.