The Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant
2626 San Bruno Avenue San Francisco, CA 94134 (415)468-9333

The first restaurant that I would like to introduce is called the Imperial Garden located on San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco. It is a very large restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For breakfast they serve you dim sum, you can choose which ones you like when the dim sum carts come around. If you are not sure what to eat it doesn’t hurt to ask the cart waiters what is on their cart they are happy to tell you.

For lunch there are a variety of different of rice plates or noodle plates that you can choose from, or you can also choose separate side dishes if you want, they also have dim sum at lunchtime! Last but no least, for dinner there are a lot to choose from: appetizers, soups, and main dishes. They give you a rice bowl (optional) only if you ask for it to go with food. After all that there is always the desert which if provide to you at no extra cost, the desert of the day is always different so I guess that is a way to make desert more exciting.

Overall the menu choices are large, the largest Chinese seafood restaurant that I’ve seen in San Bruno Ave. The restaurant has a parking lot, but parking space is extremely limited. My suggestion is to come by public transportation, so you will not have to spend an hour looking for a parking space when you could be enjoying a delicious meal at the Imperial Garden.

2546 Café
2546 San Bruno Avenue San Francisco, CA 94134 (415)468-8008

First of all this restaurant has a very unusual name having 4-digit number and a café at the end really makes you wonder what kind of food do they serve you, the café is small, but don’t let that cloud your judgment. This café has a nice atmosphere that is perfect for a group date lunch with your friends or a quiet dinner with your family.

The menu is divided into a couple of sections from baked rice, spaghetti, sandwiches, to chief specials. There is also the drink section that has beers, soda and special drinks that are kind of like smoothies in a way. They have a long list of five-dollar dishes from eleven am to five pm. For dinnertime they offer you their soup of the day or daily soup either way you don’t have to choose the kind of soup you want to drink.

I suggest if you want lychee drink you should like pineapple because that is what it tastes like. I’ve tried it once and I thought they made a mistake but they didn’t, so I’m wondering to myself how many lychees out there that taste like pineapple? I believe that they offer you breakfast to dinner, but I have never tried the breakfast menu.

Overall this café is a decent one and in my opinion it would be one of my choices to eat there if I’m in San Bruno Ave, still since the café isn’t long from the Imperial Garden they are on the same sides but just on another block, so that makes parking hard too.

Hong Woo
649 San Bruno Ave San Francisco, CA 94134 (415)952-3388

A restaurant in San Bruno Avenue that I would recommend would be Hong Woo Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant serves cheap and delicious Chinese Cuisine.

A dish that I would suggest would be their roast pig. They sell roast pigs for parties, the price ranging from $160-$180. Another great thing about the restaurant is free delivery when your order is $10 or more. The portions they give you are big and for a reasonable price. For example, you can get a portion of roast pig, wonton noodle soup, and some Chinese vegetables for less than $26. They also have great service there and the waiters are very friendly. For example, the minute you walk in, they always greet you and say, “Hello, how are you?” Also, the food arrives pretty fast. It arrives about 5-10 minutes after being ordered.

The only disappointment of the restaurant would be their wonton in noodle soup. The noodles taste like instant ramen that you can get off the shelf of your common liquor store. Another disappointment would be the language of the menus. If you cannot read Chinese, you will be missing out on a lot of different entrees. Of course they have an English menu, but it does not include all of the items on the Chinese menu. For example, instead of serving Chinese broccoli, they would serve you cauliflower. Another thing would be their Mu Shu Pork. Instead of having that on the English menu, they would have just regular pork.

Ling Ling Cuisine
2517 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA 94134 (415)467-6948

A great Chinese restaurant to eat and is inexpensive would be Ling Ling Cuisine. This is a perfect restaurant for those of you who want good food that is healthy. It is also a good alternative for vegetarians. They serve all their entrees with less fat and oil than most restaurants around the area. They also have a great score from the Department of Health (98/100), which is a very good score especially for a Chinese restaurant, which is normally about 70-80/100.

An entree I would recommend would be the Basil Chicken. It is a light and flavorful dish. Another interesting dish would be the lobster of noodles. It’s delicious and not to mention cheap. It is a dish that uses very little oil, prefect for dieters.

Also, the service is great. The minute that you walk in, there is always someone there to greet you and walk you to your table. Also, after ordering, your food should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to be prepared, so you won’t get too impatient for your food to arrive.

A downside of the restaurant is that it is a bit cramped inside. Unlike all the other restaurants, the kitchen is located in the middle of the restaurant, which allows you to see what the chefs are putting in your food. So, you would know what is in your food, so you would not have anything in your food that you do not want.