North Beach

North Beach Restaurant

The North Beach Restaurant is a great place to dine or have lunch. This restaurant features quality Italian food Tuscan style. Awesome environment, lots of friendly people, and rooms that are great for parties. The owner/chef of this restaurant is Bruno Orsi and the second owner/vintner (makes wine) Lorenzo Petroni.

You can make a reservation; you donít have to, but I recommend it because it is going to be easier to find a table. Inside there are four rooms; the main dining room, Wine Cellar, Prosciutto room, and cigar room. The cigar room is for private parties, business meetings, or weddings.

The North Beach Restaurant is located near Chinatown, where you can buy cheap toys and groceries, with many 99-cent stores.

Appetizers I would recommend is the Cesar Salad, a classic. The croutons and the cheeses make it an extraordinary dish. Another appetizer I would recommend is the prawn cocktail. I personally love the sauce to dip the prawns with. Itís a bit expensive for an appetizer, but you get what you pay for.

Every time I go to this restaurant I order the New York sirloin steak. I like it cooked medium. They also have a wide variety of wine so if your 21 years or older, you might consider ordering this with the steak. This place also has great chicken al Mattone. Itís a chicken dish cooked under a brick; very tasty!

A great dessert would be Tiramisu, a coffee flavorful dessert. My dad loved it and bought a second one to go.

Burger Meister

A certain restaurant stands out of the crowd of busy food vendors in North Beach. Its name is Burgermeister, and it specializes in serving customers a wide variety of fast foods, well known to the general public. It can be found at 759 Columbus Avenue, across the street from the Joe Damaggio North Beach Playground, and the North Beach public library. This particular restaurant is actually part of a growing chain of eating-places. Other locations can be found at Cole Valley and Daly City.

The food served at this fast-food restaurant can only be described as exceptional. Several reviews of this restaurant have been made, and most have had only good remarks to make of this fine fast-food restaurant. The popular magazine "SF Weekly" named Burgermeister "Best Burger" in their edition of "Best Food and Eats" after a poll made by fellow San Franciscans. My fellow friends, who have eaten there, tell me firsthand that the food at this restaurant is truly remarkable and sumptuous. Although they state that the food at this location is a little pricey, it seems to be worth the extra money.

The menu of entrees at this zesty restaurant is also very extensive and intriguing. It includes savory repasts such as the "Meisterburgers" and kids specials. Classic burgers are obviously included, such as Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, and Bacon Cheeseburgers. Special delectable burgers come from the entire world, and some are the Pineapple Burger and Mango Burger. And to top it off, all burgers are made and guaranteed fresh, made only with the finest Niman Ranch beef.

"The North Beach Restaurant is located near Chinatown."