Views of Mission Bay

Mission Bay in San Francisco is a wonderful place. Its beauty I say comes mostly by the bay. By walking along from Pier 40 to the AT&T Park, you can see the beautiful ocean along with boats of all different sizes and shapes. If you look closely at the water you might be able to see some jelly fishes or swimming birds. On the other side u would be able to see the vivid green grass planes and trees, giving you a sense of relax sensation and freedom. If its possible, close your eyes, and you’ll be able to hear birds singing.

Looking ahead you would be able to see a breath-taking sight of the ball park. Near the ball park there is a little park which is so small and adorable. Everything there are so cute. There’s a small climbing net, little rides, and my favorite which is a small wooden ship. Not only is it fun to look at its along pretty fun to play with them too.

Another viewable thing would be the Bay Bridge. If you want to see I I’ll suggest you to walk along embarcadero going toward the direction of fishermen’s Warf. Around that area the views are very nice, but now due to safety issues they placed up fences blocking the area, making it hard to see the bridge. But its still very much pretty there, just try to ignore the fences and it would be fine.


A view of the Coca-Cola Fan Lot

Views from Treasure Island

On a clear day standing at the front of the Island you have a great view of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. Walking down the road on the far side of the Island facing San Francisco, you can also see a great view of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. These same views can also be seen from the road behind the housing developments.

Both of these roads are great places to go on the 4th of July to see the fireworks, as well as a great place to see the Blue Angels during Fleet week. The front of the Island is a bit more crowed then the back road. Taking the bus on either of these holidays is recommended, rather than driving and trying to find a place to park. On the opposite side of the Island you have a great view of Oakland as well as the new Bay Bridge development.

On a hot day you can walk up the hill towards the front of the Island and down a flight of stairs to a cove where it is usually shady and there are rarely ever any people there. There is a foot ball field some blocks away from the housing development where rugby games are often held, and to the right of the some blocks are the baseball fields where little liege baseball, and girls softball games are often held.


A view of the Bay from Mission Bay
A view of the city from Treasure Island
A view of Yerbania Island from Treasure Island
A view of AT&T Park