Rec Centers

Willie Mays Boys and Girls club

There's a Boys and Girls club called Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club that’is in Hunters Point and there we do a lot of activities. They have a power hour time where kids have an hour to do their homework. They have time where they let us play basketball. They have a baseball team and a flag football team. They have a lot of fun games their like foosball, ping-pong, pool, and we have arcade games. They have a TV too. Sometimes we have 3 on 3 tournaments and we recieved snacks everyday. This is the place I hangout most of the time.

They’are rebuilding it but when its finish, there is going to be many more activities. They are going to have new basketball hoops, a dance studio, a garden, a game room, and a place where people can do their homework.

The baseball field is very beautiful. It has two dugouts. It has a fence at the end and it’is easy to hit a homerun because it’is not that far. There aren't as many people at the boys and girls club but once everything is finished, there’is going to be a lot of people.

 The boys and girls club is my main hangout place, but on the weekend the boys and girls club is closed so I have to find something else to do. Sometimes we have some famous people and TV reporters come to the club.

195 Kiska St.   


Visitacion Valley R.O.C.K (Real Options for City Kids)

The place you should go is for Visitacion Valley is R.O.C.K (Real Option for City Kid) at the end Leland ave. If you go there then you will be able to get a fun opportunity since you are able to do many things. Such as be able to go on hiking trips, bowling, ice-skating, service places and even water rafting.

Also on Saturdays there are trips to go help the elderly go out have fun and other stuff the program is called S.A.L.T. (Student Adult Leadership Training).

There are many things you can do after school when you have free time or need help with your homework. Such as homework help which is the same thing as tutoring places, but they are older student who help you for free, to gain service hours to help themselves. So you can be either the one that needs help with homework or you could be the one that helps other people.

And also there are other programs such as choir after school since it is also a church. Also there is a karate program, which I joined before. It is fun programs were you can learn
martial arts and meet new

The Boy's And Girl's Club in Hunter's Point

R.O.C.K (Real Options for City Kids)

lpeople. The teacher and students there are really nice and you are able to go to martial arts tournament. Also sometimes there are going to be music programs on Fridays were you could make music that you like such as karate music or singing.

590 Leland Ave