Visitacion Valley Park

It is a fun place to go when you are in Visitacion Valley. Since you are able to have fun there since it has a wide-open space where you are able to do many things. Also you are able to play sports there since the field is big and has well-watered grass just in case someone falls. Also you are able to play baseball or kickball with your child or friends since there is a wide area of space.

Also you are able too play tag and soccer since the field is large so you can make soccer goals easily and also play tag without getting into the area of the baseball field. On some occasions there are baseball games played by school close to the park.

Also there is a sand box right before the field. You are able to play with your young children on the swings or slides. An also you are able to climb on monkey bars and build sand castle there if you are there.

Also there is a recreation center right next to the sandbox. Outside of the recreation center is a bathroom and a water fountain. Within the recreation center there are rooms were you are able to do art class. Also you are able to do fun things on some occasion over the year. There is the slime tank were you can get slimed also sometimes they have a barbeque where everybody is invited and they can eat and get free stuff such as backs packs or like a coloring book.

Leland St. & Cora


Mission Bay

Mission Bay is a very busy place, with many cars and people going around. It is located at a very convenient location where many buses and trains pass by, making it really easy to get to. The best place I say to go to with your friends when you’re hanging out with them is to the Cola Slides and the South Park.

The Cola Slide is the coolest place ever! It’s located in the ball park (AT&T Park) and is open to the public during Sept. - May from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm on Saturday & Sunday and during June, July, August daily from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, when the team is out of town. It’s a big slide that starts from the top of the cola bottle. It’s pretty high up and from there you can see many cool views from there. If you are afraid of heights I suggest you not to try and look around. Sliding down from the slide is a whole lot of fun because when you are going down, you would slide from side to side, making it feel real thrilling. It’s a ride that you just can’t miss!

The other place that’s great to go to when hanging with your friends is to the South Park, and no it’s not the cartoon on television. South Park is located at S Park St. and is open to everyone. The park is split in two having a play structure on both sides.

The Cola Slide at AT&T ball park [also known as the "Coca-Cola Fan Lot"]

Vistacion Valley Park

One is suitable for toddlers while the other is not. There they have a few swings an couple of slides and a really small maze, which I believe are suppose to be for little kids. It’s pretty cool there with a relaxing feel to it. If you are planning to go there to hangout I would suggest you to probably bring a pair of shoes with you because you might step on dung when you’re walking around.

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