Good Eats

Aunt Bea’s Park

When I was in elementary school I would usually go to this place called Aunt Bea’s park after school. It is located on Harbor Road right next to Malcolm X Academy. It is very close to the school and it is right down the hill. This park is a good environment. Most of the kids from school usually hang out there after school.

If you’re looking for a cheap and affordable place to have fun and still have good eats this is the place to be. Everything on the menu is just made for kids to be able to buy. The prices are reasonable. Every item is ranged from 50 cents to 2 dollars. The prices here are extraordinary, no one can argue about it.

The menu is decent, there are not many things on it but enough to keep you occupied for choosing what you crave. They serve a variety of ices. There are many flavors, just say it and they’ll probably have something for you. The price to this item is 50 cents. There’s a secret item on the menu called the Double Decker. It is basically a 2 flavored ices with one flavor on top and one on the bottom. This is for 1 dollar.

Candy there is probably about 50 cents. There are other snacks like nachos and etc.
The best part is being able to play. Be sure to meet the people there they are really friendly. If you’re fond of them sometimes they will sell stuff for a cheaper price. I once got nachos for 5 cents now that’s a bargain.

Harbor Road & Middlepoint Road

Bob’s Store

There's a store down the hill from my house called Bob’s Store. It’s a 5-minute walk. Bob sells cookies, candy, chips, BBQ, and other hot stuff.

When I was young, I use to go down there all the time and buy something for my mom and bob would always give me something for free. I haven’t been down there in a long time. The cookies there are 50 cents and there are 30 cookies in one package for 50 cents. They have sodas for 50 cents but the two liters sodas cost 2 dollars.

Their bread cost $1.75. They have candy that cost 59 cents but if you buy that same brand of candy, you can get both of them for a dollar. The rest of the candy cost 75 cents. I don’t know how much his hot food is because I never bought any from there.

Bob’s is only open Tuesday through Saturday. No Sundays or Mondays. He has a TV in his store so when I am waiting for my stuff; I watch what’s on TV. Bob opens at 10:30am and close at 11:30pm. When I go in bob’s store there aren’t many people in there, if any. In front of bob’s store, there are a lot of his friends bbqing, but the inside is empty. He also sells soup, rice, beans, peanut butter and tuna.

Hunter's Point Blvd & Innes St.

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Bob's Store