Green Apple Books is an independent bookstore located at the corner of Clement Street and Sixth Avenue. It was founded by Richard Savoy in 1967. Located on a strip known for its Asian restaurants, Irish pubs, and coffeehouses, this unique bookstore strives.

There is a warm feeling once you walk through the door. Perhaps its because of its hand-written signs naming each individual room (the Granny Smith Room) or the friendly, welcoming staff. The first floor is only half the story. Upstairs you will find a large psychology section to absurd sections such as UFOs, the occult, Satanism, etc. Each section extends over a number of cozy rooms.

Green Apple opened the "Fiction and Music Annex" which is two doors away from the main building to accommodate its expansive collection. It houses a good collection of music magazines, vinyl, and novelty items.

This is the way a bookstore should be. Independent. Ran by intelligent people. They have variety. Everything from novels, art, to sidewalk sales. The prices are reasonable, but if you're a bargain hunter, be sure to check out the numerous sale sections. The staff leave notes and descriptions of their favorites, and other popular reads which saves researching time and helps you find that book you want to spend the afternoon relaxing and enjoying your coffee to.

So if you're around The Richmond Clement area, be sure to stop by and try not to get lost in the maze of stacked books.

Green Apple Books
506 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: 415-387-2272