There are so many great places to get food in the Sunset, ranging from cheap diners to high class restaurants. You can even go buy some packages of instant noodles from Sunset Super!

Restaurants like Lam Hoa Thuan and Quickly offer some quick dishes for a good price. If you're in walking distance, you should definitely check those places out. Starbucks is also a hotspot for everyone to get their coffee from.

The afterschool crowd loves to go to Polly Ann's or Bashful Bull Too for some ice cream, or a nice juicy burger that you can customize. If you're not feeling for a burger, then maybe you'd like some pizza from North Beach Pizza. If you're feeling spendy though, you can go to the Beach Chalet for a beautiful view of the ocean while you're eating dinner with a loved one, or for a special occasion.

All of these places are SO good, and you should really check them out.

The ever popular Quickly, a top choice for the afterschool kids

The busy Lam Hoa Thuan

A great ice cream and snack place: Polly Ann's