Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension Bridge that crosses the Golden Gate Strait and is one of the most recognized structures in the World. The bridge was designed by Joseph Strauss and earned its name after it was mentioned in 1927 by San Francisco city engineer Michael O’Shaughnessy. Before the Bridge was built, the only way to Marin County was by ferrie, which had been operating in San Francisco for as early as 1820, total length is 8,981 feet, almost two miles. The span between the towers is 4,200 feet and each tower is 746 feet high.

Construction began on January 5, 1933 and was finally opened on May 27, 1937. Its The cost to build this bridge reached over $26 million dollars.. Before the bridge was open to cars, 200,000 people crossed the bridge on foot and rollerskates. The opening celebration for the bridge lasted for a week. The Bridge is partially famous for people who have committed, or have tried to commit, scuicide by jumping off and crashing into the bay below. Some people who have jumped have survived, although most of the bodies of those who have jumped have never been found. Some people come from all parts of the world just to jump off the bridge. An idea about putting up a scuicide barrier around the bridge has been talked of and thrown away because of the cost and because it would ruin the appearance of the bridge.

The Golde Gate Bridge is located in the Presidio. Take the 101 North from Doyle Dr. to the last San Francisco exit. Or take the 1 North on Park Presidio Blvd. to the 101.