Presidio and Richmond

The Presidio was first a Spanish Fort that was found by Juan Bautista de Anza on the day of Match 28, 1776. This was built by a group of Spanish settlers lead by Jose Joaquin Moraga. The U.S. Military officially opened the Presidio in 1848 and later became several Army headquarters and units. The last Army that stays in the Presidio was the United States 6th Army. The Presidio was responsible for any military actions that were involved in the Pacific. This was most important because it was the assembly point for Army forces that invaded the Philippines in the Spanish American War. The Presidio was considered the center of defense of the Western U.S. during World War II. The law to intern Japanese-Americans, Italian-Americans and German-Americans, including citizens during World War II was signed and passed at the Presidio. When it came to the year of 1995, it was the last year for the Presidio. This was the longest operating military base overall in the United States.

The Presidio is now a national landmark. People from all over the world come to visit San Francisco to see the Presidio.

In the beginning, The Richmond District was first nothing, but a bunch of sand dunes. This all changed however after the quake of 1906. Many fled to the district searching for replacement housing. The perfect fit was just a little near the ocean. The Richmond District then began being populated from Chinese and Russian Americans. Today, the district may have a different look, but you can still discover the greatness it had as it started a century ago. . The place is filled of super markets, bakeries, and if your feeling like taking a night off, then you might want to stop by the restaurants. If you want to go somewhere you can take the 38 Geary bus which goes through the whole Richmond, almost, and can take you anywhere. You can just drop by and youíll be in and out faster than you think.

Some may say you could practically live in the Richmond. With all the stores and fine dining, why would you want to leave? . If you havenít visited the Richmond District yet, then what are you waiting for!