KFC/Taco Bell to many people may be taken for granted. But few know what hard work goes in to every bucket of chicken or every grilled quesadilla. The KFC and Taco Bell can solve your hunger whether your looking for a mid-night snack or a family size dinner. Don’t think, “Hey its just another fast food place,” think, “Hey I’m hungry and there’s KFC/Taco Bell.” If you only got a buck in your pocket and your stomach is growling then you know where to go. I mean, if that’s not convincing enough then, just think of where else you can get a bucket of chicken and have some tacos with that.

It is on Geary street right next to the 38 bus stop, it is very convenient to go to KFC. You can go there if you crave it right now and get that bucket of chicken. A dining room in the upper level of KFC allows you to dine in and have a great view of Geary Street. See traffic and surrounding houses of this beautiful neighborhood. As I mentioned at first, there are plenty to choose from the value menu. Not only can you get the KFC “Snacker” in multiple flavors you can also get yourself drumsticks and a thigh meal, or even a taco. Why are you still on the computer? After all that, you should be on the first bus to 6th and Clement. Go! Go! Gooooooooooo! Remember it’s on 6th and Geary!

Located at 4150 Geary Blvd on 6th Avenue.