Presidio Bowling Alley

The Presidio Bowling Alley is a great place to go if you’re looking for fun. It doesn’t matter if your old, young, have children, or just wanting to have fun, it has a lot to offer. It opens and closes at a convenient time, (9 A.M. ­ 12 A.M.) so there really is no rush in getting there. They’re almost never busy, compared to other bowling alleys, so that’s another plus. They also have an arcade with a great variety of games. If you’re ever feeling hungry, there’s no need to travel anywhere, because they have an inside bar and grill. If you’re old enough, you could buy a bowling pin shaped beer. The food is good and they have a lot that you can choose from.

They have plenty of parking outside, so that shouldn’t be a hassle. If you ever forget socks, they have socks in the vending machines. The bathrooms there are really clean and almost never full. The staff members are very friendly. There’s a jukebox machine there, so you can choose whatever it is that you want to listen to. There’s a tennis court outside, so if you ever want to play tennis while you’re there, you’re in luck. You can also call ahead, and rent out the bowling alley, if you ever want a private party, or just have a get together with friends. Overall, this bowling alley is a well-kept facility, and gives you a good, comfortable vibe. So if you ever want to bowl, Presidio Bowling Alley is it.

Located on 93 Presidio Blvd.