Toy Boat is a colorful sky blue ice cream store . It is mainly an ice cream shop, but sells great vintage toys that are extremely hard to find, like original action figures from Nickelodeon. There are rare collectible toys to add to your collection of toys. There is even have a ride that you can go on for a quarter inside the cafe. They also serve delicious desserts like ice cream, cakes, and cookies or just coffee or a latte. The best thing is that they open late so you can go there anytime. Toy Boat suits for girls and boys of all ages.

Inside of Toy Boat, there is a one of a kind red mechanical horse little kids can ride on for only 25 cents. It is a great hangout place for people of all ages. Right after you get your order of ice cream, you can find a place to sit and enjoy your delicious dessert. It is located around many other stores and places to eat so you don’t have to stay there for the whole day. After you finish eating your dessert, you’ll be all filled up. Across the street is a grocery store you can stop buy at and do your grocery shopping. There is no other better ice cream café or store I have been to that serves excellent dessert. You can count on Toy Boat Dessert Café for some of the best ice cream.

Located on 401 Clement St on 5th Avenue.