Tenderloin Recreation Center

This part of Tenderloin is where many people hang out. This is the Tenderloin Recreation Center. This place offers many programs and special activities that children get to do. If you want to go swimming at North Beach swimming pool, with the Tenderloin Recreation Center, then all you would need to do is fill out an application and BAM! It ’s basically free.

It helps families with low-incomes gather at a wonderful place and have fun without paying so much money for many activities. When there is “snack time” you could get healthy foods, like corn nuts, oranges, and juice. All you do is wait in line and say, “Snack please!” then Don (a worker there) would ask you what you want and then he’d give it to you.

There are also tutoring programs and sports you could do. The tutoring is free and the teenagers that work there help you with your homework. This place offers basketball, track, football, and etc.

The staff there is all really nice and respectful. They’re fun to talk to, too. They always greet you with a smile, and you can communicate with them in less than a minute. The staffs work in an office, and their office has basketballs, ping-pong paddles, pool sticks, and mancala boards. You could play pool, ping-pong, and etc. for free!

It is really like an after school program, especially if you go there everyday. It is a fun and welcoming place! If you have any time, stop by and say HI!

Spring Valley Elementary School

You may not have known, but the oldest public school in California is located in Nob Hill. This school, whose full name is Spring Valley Science Magnet School, was founded in 1852, during the Gold Rush. This school has a long history and is celebrating its 155th anniversary this year!

The school building has moved to different sites a few times in the past, but its present location is on Jackson Street, between Larkin and Hyde St. Still, the yellow brick building itself is old as well (it was built in the late 1920's). The inside is just as beautiful as the outside of the building. Walking into the alcove of the building, you can find a colorful mural painted by many students and adult artists. Not only that, there are also many other older murals filling the hallways with a sense of youth and imagination.

I attended Spring Valley myself, and I had a great experience there because I found the school to be diverse and welcoming, which it still continues to be today. The staff are wonderful people, as well as the intelligent and imaginative kids that attend the school. Even after school, there are many activities going on, including child care and the Beacon Center program. During this time, students get to have tutoring on their homework, the chance to engage in fun hands-on activities, and free time to exercise and play. If you live around the school, it's always nice to hear the cheerful sounds of happy, carefree students laughing and playing out in the schoolyard.

Helen Wills

IIf you’re riding on the cable car, and you’re in the Nob Hill location, then you better not miss the park called Helen Wills. It’s one of the most newest and cleanest parks in San Francisco. Bring your kids, especially your infants, to play in the sand box, where they can make new friends and never forget this exciting day of fun.

We have a basketball court where everyone can shoot some hoops and play a good game of basketball. Right beside the basketball court we have a volleyball court. You can come with your friends to come bump, set, or spike the ball with your opponent and play a winning game. In Helen Wills, there is a tennis court all the way in the back. All you need is to bring a tennis racket with a few tennis balls, and you can play as much as you want all day.

The Park not only has three big sports court and a children’s sand box, but it also has monkey bars, a tire swing, and some very unusual fun structures to play on at the park. The jungle gym has about three slides and is very clean. This park is not only for kids, but also for people of all ages who want to have fun feeling like a kid. There’s no age limit in Helen Wills, just an unlimited time of fun whenever you want.

Another great thing about Helen Wills is that it can be a place where you can have a birthday party or any other kind of celebration. You can invite your friends to come and celebrate with laughter all day. This is great park to do something we all love to do, and that is to have fun.