Fairmont Hotel

The Fairmont Hotel is perhaps one of the most famous hotels in San Francisco. It has 591 guestrooms, two restaurants, two lounges and 55,000 square feet of available room all to cater to your comfort.

Of course, all of these luxuries do not come at a cheap price. With a “Holiday Room with Vroom package” (the cheapest package) the cost starts at $199 per night to stay. With the “Live the Legend Package” the cost starts at $599 for two nights to stay.

The Fairmont Hotel also services weddings, meetings and other celebrations. The Hotel proudly advertises its location; it’s the only Hotel where all of the City’s cable car lines meet. So with a fantastic view of the city and grand luxuries, it is no wonder that the Fairmont Hotel has been alive for so many years.
History of the Fairmont Hotel:
It started in 1902 as a monument to a passed away father. But this monument soon became too much of a burden for the developers and was sold for some businesses in other districts of the city right before the 1906 earthquake. The 1906 earthquake was devastating to many businesses, and this included the Fairmont Hotel. Even thought the exterior structure of the Hotel was safe, many of the furnishings and rooms inside of it were destroyed. But this did not stop the business owners from rebuilding and recreating the dream that the previous owners had before them. The Fairmont Hotel was rebuilt and is now brought to you as it is today. This is just one of the buildings in Nob Hill with rich history and a great stop for tourist.

Grace Cathedral

A great place in the Nob Hill area is the Grace Cathedral. The Grace Cathedral was established in 1849 during the gold rush in California. The Grace Cathedral is a very nice and quiet place to pray. You can even walk on the famous medieval labyrinth. The labyrinth is huge place to be in. Some say that if a person walks the labyrinth, it will bring them into a meditative state. Just take off your shoes and walk along the path toward the center and perhaps you will find your enlightenment. The Grace Cathedral also has a second labyrinth located outside in the courtyard.

Inside the cathedral there are many candles and statues of the Virgin Mary and Christ as a newborn baby. Inside the church is beautiful and as the light shows though the stained glass windows, the views of the church are magnificent. The Grace Cathedral is the daughter of the Historic Grace church and is connected with Cathedral School for Boys.

As you pass through the entrance you will notice that you have passed through some very large doors. These doors are replicas of doors from Florence, originally called the Ghiberti Doors. A sculptor recreated these doors especially for the church to give a real religious feel. The original Ghiberti doors in Florence are no long stored on the church. The doors are ancient and need to be controlled with the right atmosphere to prevent it drying out. Grace Cathedral is a great church in Nob Hill and will hopefully continue to be like this in the future.

Masonic Center

Not far from Grace Cathedral and Huntington Park is the Masonic Center, located in Nob Hill. The Masonic Center is a grand auditorium located on California and Taylor Street. In fact, the cable car happens to pass right by it.

The building is also near a number of famous luxury hotels, such as the Fairmont Hotel, Huntington Hotel, and the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental. Plenty of exceptional restaurants and cafés are near here as well, such as the Nob Hill Cafè and the Rue Saint Jacques restaurant. There is a parking lot that is a part of the building, making it more convenient for people who are using the auditorium. Because the building sits right on top of the hill, there is a magnificent view of the city.

Many different kinds of events take place at the Masonic Center. Typical events include concerts, conferences, immigration services, and commencements/graduations. In fact, if you haven't heard already, this year's Galileo Academy Class of 2008 will be holding their graduation ceremony there.

The Masonic Center is divided into several main areas: the auditorium, exhibition hall, lobby/mezzanine, and the California Room. Each area was built for its own special purposes and to host the different kinds of events, all with the visitors in mind. The outside of the building is very beautiful to look at, with its glassy windows and marble sculptures. It's a good idea to stop by the Masonic Center if you happen to be in the neighborhood, its always nice to admire its architecture and beauty.



Cable Cars

Taking a Cable car is a great way to get around tourist areas in San Francisco. It takes you around the best landmarks in Nob Hill quickly and safely. But how did cable cars get started in the first place? In the late 1800s a man named Andrew Smith Hallide saw a horse drawn streetcar slide backwards from heavy loading. The slope was so steep that it slid down and the horses died from being crushed by the load. Then Andrew thought of a way to get around the steep slopes more easily. And that was when he invented the cable car.

The Cable Car’s machinery makes it easier to go up steep hills. Underground chains that are attached to the car pull the Cable Car up and down. These chains are located in railways and are what make the cable cars move. Because the chains are strong, nobody has to worry about the car sliding backwards. That’s what makes it more efficient compared to horse drawn carriages.

There is also the cable car museum where it all started. Inside you can see what the mechanical devices are and how they work. Admission is free so don’t forget to stop by there to take a look.

Cable cars pass by many areas of Nob Hill. They go through many of the tourist sights, and when you ride to the top there’s a really nice view of the city. So with tickets that only cost $3.00 each, it’s a pretty good deal for tourists. You can also purchase fast passes and passports to get on the Cable Car. On the outside of the cable cars there are poles for you to hang on to. They are fun and safe; it lets you get a better view, and you can feel the breeze too. When you ride the cable car, never stand in front of the track to get on. You should always stand on the side to wait because it ’s dangerous to stand on the street.

Cable cars symbolize San Francisco because they represent the history and geological features of San Francisco. Cable cars are so magnificent that you can’t miss them when you’re at Nob Hill. So don’t feel shy to hop on a Cable Car when you ’re at Nob Hill!!!