Saigon Sandwiches

Need a place to eat? Only have five dollars or less? You should eat at Saigon Sandwiches. This place holds the title for “best Vietnamese sandwich” Everything is around only $2.75! They have many drinks that you normally don’t see in stores. Their drinks are really Asian too! I like how they have special drinks from different places.
The menu offers chicken, pork, and combination. I prefer pork, it is less tiring than combination. If you LOVE sauce, then go for the combo sandwich. If you love chicken, then go for the chicken sandwich.

The sauce in the sandwiches is sweet and savory.There are many fresh carrots, cilantro, and onions in them too! Every time you finish a sandwich, a week later or maybe even a day later you’re going to crave them even more and more.

There are so many Asian snacks all stacked up on a shelf. These snacks you could also find in Chinatown, but if you’re in the Tenderloin, why not stop by and grab an Asian snack right? They’re cheap and have a lot less calories and disgusting things than American Chips.

They also have little Chinese pastries. They’re packed in little white plates with a small poly vinyl cover over them. They’re always fresh and are only 1-2 dollars! There are candies next to the pastries, so if you just want a small treat, they’re right there!
If you’re craving something delicious and worth spending money on, come here for one of the best sandwiches you’ll ever have in your life!




Cafe Nook

The Café Nook is a little café located on a corner in Nob Hill. You will notice the café by its yellow sign and its warm colors. The little café focuses on feeding their customers healthy foods with a menu that includes organic, low -fat, bran and vegan ingredients. They offer free Wi-Fi access on Mondays through Fridays 7am-6pm.

Some of the items on the menu include coffee, pastries, alcoholic beverages, sandwiches, salads and small plated meals. They also have an assorted number of beverages for you to choose from. They are open all week, but open later and close sooner on weekends.

On online rating sites (Yelp,Ctiysearch) the Cafe gets an average rating of 4-4 1⁄2 stars. Most of the raters will rave about the salads and the good food. The one thing to watch out for is the waffles. Not a very good choice. Many reviews complain of waffles dryness and its unsatisfying ingredients. The other thing that many people dislike is that on certain days the Nook can become overcrowded. With such a small place that can be easily understood. But the fact that it can become overcrowded can tell you one thing, that it has good food.

Now if you’re the type of person that likes cozy places with good food for a reasonable price, free internet, a possible veg(or health freak) and a quiet neighborhood, this is a good place for you. Just watch out on evenings because it may become crowded. This is just another enriching café in the Nob Hill and a good stop for residents who want to explore.