Cow Palace

Thereís a Cow Palace way down there near the border of Daly City and Visitacion.You can get very cheap stuff there.

Thereís always a show on there whether its wrestling, a tattoo expo or a live gun show, there is always something happening in the Cow Palace. Richardís personal favorite is the rodeo, because he likes to see the bull knock off the rider.

If you drive up from there is a nice view of San Francisco, but itís right on the border of Daly City. There is also a bunch of fast food restaurants, and stores nearby, if you get hungry.

If you are a tourist, and you donít have a night to stay, there are a bunch of hotels around at a very cheap price. The Cow Palace is on Geneva Ave, and the cross street is Santos. The cow palace doesnít really have cows in it. There are a couple of bus stations (9x, 9bx) near by if you want to go to union square of Chinatown.