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Product Description
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Market Size
Value Proposition
-Customer Profiles-
-Cynthia Lennon-
  • High school student
  • Buys mostly from thrift stores, but can afford department store prices
  • Has problems fitting in with popular girls because of her appearance
  • Technologically challenged, but will do almost anything to fit in
-Bob Bobbington II-
  • Loves the outdoors and being active
  • Lost his $300 pair of glasses bungee jumping and is not happy
  • Feels the need to be unemployed because he inherited his father's estate
  • Cannot live without his Blackberry and laptop
  • Hates going "under the knife" and anything else related to that
-Market Size Estimate-

There are 300 million people in the US.

x 50% wear glasses or have bad eye sight.

= 150 million people wear glasses or have bad eye sight.

x 45% of those people are willing to do it or want it done.

= 67.5 million people are willing/want it.

x 35% of those people can afford it.

= 23.6 million people can afford it.

x 55% of people are able of having this surgery done.

= 13 million people want or are willing to or can have laser eye surgery done.