Value and Propositioning

Value Proposition
       What do you get for your money if you buy our GPS watch? Well, our product offers convenience and efficiency. You don’t have to waste time trying to ask for directions or search through complicated maps. With our watch, these rigorous tasks are eliminated and none of your time is wasted. It’s simple, easy to use, and more efficient than the overly complicated handheld GPS.

       What separates this product from any other similar product is its compact size.
It’s definitely more convenient than a regular paper map and it’s much easier to carry around and use than a giant handheld GPS. No more fiddling around with a paper map or looking like a fool when trying to get through the complications of a handheld GPS.

       For constant travelers, the GPS watch offers the perfect combination of efficiency and compactness that paper maps and handheld GPS’ don’t offer. Whether you’re on a simple business trip or if you’re the type that goes on vacations a lot, this product will insure that your trips are enjoyable.