Product Description Description
       Our product uses the technology of Global Positioning System (GPS) to help regular people navigate the world. GPS works by using satellites to specifically find a place in the world. The GPS watch will receive signals from the satellites, and in those signals there is information about where your position is in the world as well as the relative areas around you.
The product also utilizes the compact size of a regular watch. Simply attach the GPS watch like any other regular watch and with a simple glance you can tell where you are and where you need to go next.
The product has a map to display directions, maps, longitude/latitude, etc.        Also, its small size means it’ll have a fairly long battery life so you won’t have to replace batteries as often. An interactive feature it has is that you can create waypoints, which would help you organize where to go or if you are going to multiple places, you can stay on task and organized. It contains a nice amount of memory as well (10mb), which is a very nice for such a small product. But most important of all, it can give you directions if you are lost or in a new city. No more having to ask people or look for the post office or fiddling with maps.

History of similar products
       Previous products include our old friend the map. Just a simple piece of paper overcomplicated with lines and dots and words. But who would want to use such ancient technology anymore?
       Also, there is a much bulkier version of GPS. Of course, it is much larger and heavier to handle. Plus it can easily slip off from your hand and break, being the delicate machine that it is.