Lost Men

Bill and Bob is visiting the Bahamas.
Easily gets lost in new places.
Loses paper map easily.
Can afford trips or vacations whenever they want.
Potentially confused with new technology.
Searches forums for hot technology news.
Too proud to ask anyone for help.
Bill and Bob are in their early 20’s.
Party animal.

George the Businessman

Has to find meeting places in different cities.
Too many business papers to hold a map.
Has to look professional.
Bad sense of direction.
Makes plenty of money being a businessman.
A serious family man, tries to get back home to his family quickly.
Likes to use websites like Amazon.com for purchasing new technology.
Prone to using new technology and thinks technology can solve nearly any problem.

       It’s understandable that many people get lost when they are in a new area, whether they are on a business trip or they just want to have undisturbed fun. Thus, people like “Lost men” and “George” would like a convenient solution to this daily problem. The GPS watch should be appealing to these personas because there are a great deal of people like them in this world.