Provides faster water transportation

Ability to exchange goods across the ocean

Wealthy market allows a higher markup price

The steamship uses a modified steam engine to function. Because it does not rely on wind, like our competitors, this engine allows faster water transportation in all weather conditions.  An advantage of having an engine includes increased speed and reliability.  The use of the steamship leads to faster transport of goods to countries across the ocean.  Future buyers will be willing to pay money for faster transport for the reason that delayed transfers mean less transfers.

The manufacturing price of the ship will mainly include the engine and actual boat, but there are also additional supplies to keep in mind too.  When the steamship first goes on sale, the retail price will be extremely high compared to its future prices.  Our market will mostly be business owners and other wealthy men so most of them will be buying it, regardless of the high price.  With good advertising, the majority of the market will even own a steamship by the time we begin to lower the markup price.

How Steamship Works           


A steam engine is an external combustion heat engine that makes use of the heat energy that exists in steam, converting it to mechanical work. A steam engine requires a boiler to heat water into steam. The expansion of steam exerts force upon a piston or turbine blade, whose motion can be harnessed for the work of turning wheels or driving other machinery. One of the advantages of the steam engine is that any heat source can be used to raise steam in the boiler; but the most common is a fire fueled by woodcoal or oil or the heat energy made in a nuclear reactor.