Oil lamps and candles, what use are they, now that we came up with the gas lamp? Candles are the oldest form of indoor lighting but it is alo the most dangerous. The flame is so small that you can't see anything indoors. They have absolutely nothing protecting the lights so they are expotentially dangerous. Oil lamps are a little better than candles, but just a little better. Sure, they protect th flame from going out too quickly and there is not so much the risk of burning down your place, but the fuel for it is so expensive. Heck, they fuel costs as much as the lamp itself. With gas lamps, you get bright light from gas and a protected flame throughout the day. Gas is cheap and you will only need to change the fuel about once a day. Think of how convenient it would be for you. Now it's on to Angela who is going to introduce the our customer profiles and market size estimate.