Anesthesia is the use of medication and close monitoring of the patients heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure, respiratory rate and also their oxygen saturation. Anesthesia blocks pain and feeling from one part of the body, and allows a procedure to be preformed.


By injecting a Local Anesthetic the nerves where the incision is to be made are numbed and the patient is unable to feel any pain.

To doctors everywhere anesthetics offers a numb and painless way to perform surgeries and amputations on your patients this is unique because there are less side affects and is guaranteed to work.

To all those who are suffering from pain or any sort of injury, anesthetics offers a feeling of nothing, the area that you say is in pain you no longer feel it.

anesthetics- a way of numbing the pain when you have operations. it has a better chance of you on not having to deal with pain