What Is An Airplane?

An airplane is a powered, piloted, heavier-than-air aircraft. The wings, flap on the wings, the engine, and the propeller allow the airplane to work. The wings help create a lift upward resulting in a lower pressure area.The gasoline will enter a shallow chamber next to the sylinders and mix with the incoming air. The heat from the crankcase will vaporize the fuel-air mixture causing it to pass through the intake manifold into the cylinders. The ignition is produced by opening and closing two contact breaker points in the combustion chamber in each cylinder.


Flaps are deployed downward on takeoff and landing to increase the amount of force produced by the wing. This alters the shape of the wing thus creating more lift. A low-tension magneto will be driven by a 20-pound flywheel supplies the electric current while the engine is running.Starting the engine is generated with a coil and four dry-cell batteries that is not carried on the airplane.