Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program provides a work-based learning experience for high school students between their junior and senior year. Participating students are part of multi-year career pathway programs that organizes academic learning around a career theme. Students are also required to attend a weekly summer seminar where they are instructed on professional skills. BUSINESS PARTNER APPLICATION

Mentorship Programs

Our mentorship program is currently in the planning stages through one of our esteemed business Advisory Boards with plans to pilot a program in the Fall of 2010. Objectives for the program will be to match student to professional, creating a supportive learning atmosphere where open dialogue is encouraged.

Job Shadowing

The job shadowing program has two distinct parts; the one day Job Shadow where a group of students shadow professionals in their company for a few hours one day, and the Extended Job Shadow where a student solicits their own shadow opportunity in a company for a couple hours a day, one day a week for up to a six week period of time during the school year or over the summer. Both programs give the students a taste of a particular company and industry and the student's own solicitation of their Extended Job Shadow further reinforces their job hunting and research skills.

Spealers Bureau

Bringing business professionals into the classroom and matching their expertise to the subject of focus in the classroom perfectly brings real world relevance to the class. With limited resources for both schools as well as businesses classroom speakers are a perfect way to enlighten students for only the cost of time for business people. CTE is also hoping to partner with the San Francisco EdFund on their Speaker's Bureau.

Tech 21

This exciting new program encompasses three different independent programs all related to careers in architecture and design, engineering and construction. Each program is open to all SFUSD students and students are encouraged to participate in all three programs. TECH 21 is another way CTE is ensuring students are aware of their college and career options. PLEASE CLICK HERE for more information on TECH21 and each of its programs.