The Fine Art of Commercial Art

The Team That Created This Website

Gordon C- My name is Gordon. I was the project lead for this website. I like to play video games, run track or run in general, hang out with friends and riding my bike. Usually in my spare time I would play video games or edit the videos I made with friends. I love just hanging out with people and just doing stuff that make them laugh.

Kevin L- My name is Kevin. I was the editor. Some things that I enjoy doing is playing basketball, reading, hanging out with my friends, and without a doubt, playing games. On my spare time, I mainly play games with my brother, or watch television. I was the ediI am a dependable person, always getting my job done. In my computer arts class, I always get my work done on time, not missing any assignments.

Deathstar101(Harosh S)- Hello I’m Deathstar101, I am best known for my work as a music producer. Now I am trying something new, creating websites, flash videos and designing websites and etc. is now my new hobby. Though I’m still just trying new things out, I am starting to make a love for Graphic Design. The idea of people seeing the world through my eyes just seems so cool. When I first got this assignment I was confused and scared that I would mess up on this, but after going though this I feel so glad that I put all my effort and time in this. This is yet going to one off my best work done yet besides my music. So I hope you guys will enjoy my work and check me out on Facebook at “Darkstar (Lan101911)” for more updates and info. Laterz….

Jonh T- I am Jan Hendryk Tan, aka John. I was the second designer of this project. I helped the lead designer create the layout of the main page and parts of the other pages. I was the helping hand in this group by giving advice and seeing which parts are good to add.

The_Tiger2074(Kelvin M)-Hello everybody! I'm The_Tiger2074, I was the lead programmer on this project, as you all know. I have always been fascinated about coding, especially since my father worked for some of the biggest video game companies and now works for Google(2013). I have written in the past short applications in ruby and I have lots of experience with Hyper Text Markup Language or commonly known as HTML. I play lots of video games myself and I do do some lets play series on my friend's and I's Youtube channel, feel free to check it out So this has been The_Tiger2074 and Signing off. Adios!