The Fine Art of Commercial Art


Commercial Art is what we see everyday in the streets of cities or signs on the freeway. It is something that is shown to us in almost every possible way. Commercial Art is seen as advertisements or symbols in many objects including clothes, electronics, and even in industrialized products.

Commercial Art is mostly favorable in more contemporary terms such as graphic design and advertising art. This allowed large companies to sell products and show people what they can buy. In a way you could say that Commercial Art has brainwashed people into buying things.

The symbol of artwork doesn’t just give a good impression but gives a sense of iniquity. They give people a choice and a feel for each individual company.

Iconic product art, also known as mascots, for many companies produce many results. Some results include popularity of the mascot or the unique figure of the company. Making the mascot popular allows the company to be well known. This produces a significant amount of people that trusts the company because of the mascot.

To produce a significant image that shows the corporation in a good light, teams of artists produce these art works. The companies that hired these artists use the publicity to show how well off they are, which also increases popularity. However, this works both ways and sometimes leads to a great downfall. The knowledge and fame of the artist also comes into play. If the artist is famous then the review of the artwork increases and raises the approval of the community.

Many artists create the publicity of most big companies. The artwork creates the majority of the fans and the feel of the company. Most of the creations created afterwards are layered or based off the original and starts to create an on going cycle.